Chelsea MA FA student Eldi Dundee creates a unique work for 10×10 charity art auction for Article25 at the Shard


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Above: Screenshots of the 10×10 catalogue 2014, highlighting works by Richard Wilson, Anthony Gormley, Conrad Shawcross, Dame Zhandra Rhodes, and Chelsea MA FA student Eldi Dundee


10×10, the brain child of Tim Makower, brings together 100 participants to create 100 pieces of work, giving 100 different perspectives within a snapshot of London. These works are then auctioned off at a special fundraising reception evening, which this year will be held at the RIBA’s headquarters in Portland Place, London.

10×10 is a unique concept, with the architects, designers and artists producing wonderful pieces of artwork inspired by the environment they help to create and shape, as well as providing a commentary and critique on the constantly changing landscape of central London. Every year, 10×10 captures a different area of the city.

10×10 2014 raised a record £120,000! Thanks to all the wonderful participants, bidders and sponsors who have made this possible!

The hunky and handsome, yet weathered (and mossy) statue presiding over the private garden of this south London square fascinated Dundee. The renaissance modelling of Alfred’s musculature under his medieval garb reminded her of an action figure character, and this inspired her to repurpose an Action Man doll for use as an armature for her miniature version of the statue. She drew several studies and took numerous photos before beginning work on the statuette in her kitchen-studio. The conjecture about the statue’s not actually being of medieval origin, but made to look as if it were, and the fact that it is made of composite materials, resonated for Dundee, who decided t0 model the sculpture using a selection of media on top of the altered vinyl doll: she used 7 or 8 boxes of epoxy putty, some aluminium foil and modroc, bamboo, pine and balsa wood and the paints were acrylic.

Dundee has delighted in transfiguring childhood icons into pastiche portrayals of high culture icons in the past – most notably, perhaps, her ’Barbie as Mother of God’ assemblage for the Georgia Museum of Art’s ‘Kress Project’ (2013).

See The Trinity Newington Residency Association’s website for more on the statue’s history.

To see more from Dundee, visit:

Burkina Faso


Article 25 is the United Kingdom’s leading architectural aid charity. We design, manage and deliver sustainable building solutions in areas affected by disaster, poverty and need.

Article 25 works closely together with local communities to design and construct sustainable buildings like schools, health clinics and training centres. Through engaging the local beneficiaries in community participation workshops, communities are able to take ownership of their project; in doing so Article 25 not only leaves behind excellent buildings, but also a society that has the ability to build for itself and create a positive future for generations to come.

Staffed by a team of skilled professionals and volunteers with essential experience working in both the developing and developed world, Article 25 has the ability to deal with situations which involve high levels of risk, requiring an agile response to project management whilst providing a service expected from a professional design practice.

Since its foundation in 2006, Article 25 has worked on over seventy projects in more than twenty-five countries, making a difference to thousands of beneficiaries. The proceeds from the 10×10 London auction allows Article 25 to continue its work in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

For more information about Article 25 please visit our website.


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