‘re-thought and experimentation’ the focus of ‘artis pi’ exhibition – Cookhouse at Chelsea College of Arts, London


A group of Ma Fine Art Students is pleased to present artis π, the second exhibition held by this group at Chelsea College of Arts. From 9-10 March 2015.

This show, part of an ongoing set of exhibitions during the MA Fine Arts course, is an opportunity to exhibit works that are under a process of profound re-thought and experimentation. The deliberate lack of a theme for artisπ claims the dialogue among works and raises aesthetic values ​​about the creation narrative and while the exclusive identity of the artistic object.

Participating artists: Bo Wu, Han Na Bae, Zhuozheng Zou, SoMin Kim, Sodam Choi, Ray Brazier, Zhouyuan Butter, Sangsub Jung, Ishita Savla, Daniel Goodchild, Huanglu Shi, Ana Carolina Rodrigues, Lili Tang, Danqi Zhang, Seulgi Kang, Maria Jose Carvalho, Pooja Aggarwal, Neil Farnan.

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