‘lockers’ – pop-up residency and exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts, London

Lockers_flyer_02It’s a pop-up show in the CG05 corridor (near the part-timer’s base room) in which each artist takes one locker and curates an exhibition in the 30 x 30 x 43 cm cubby. It is a response to the locker as a space, a container, a set of limitations, boundaries, a wish granted, or some other response.

Of course, there are only 20 lockers and almost 30 people in part-time 1 & 2 MA Fine Art so this might also turn into an exercise in negotiation, compromise, and teamwork!

What I propose is 1-2 (or more) people choose a locker, and put an object in or installation… and then place a padlock on the door (for safety). During the exhibition, the lock is enigmatically left on or perhaps the door is left wide open for uninhibited viewing.

Participating artists: Paul Abbott, Dalia Anime, Caroline Brossard, Bijan Daneshmand, Eldi Hablo, Peter Jordan, Shadi Mahsa, Teresa Paiva, Celia Peachey, Yan Petris, Christine Stewart, Alex Roberts, Louise Wheeler, Michael Williams, and curated by Kelise Franclemont.

Photo gallery from ‘lockers’

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More links and information about ‘lockers’

Exhibition details:  ‘lockers’ is on from 18-25 June 2015  in CG05 at Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip Street, SW1P 4JU, London

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