‘Unreadable’ sculpture exhibition – 10 MA Fine Art students experiment with collective art-making – Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre, London


Presented by ten UAL Chelsea College MA Fine Art students collectively, Unreadable will be held from 1 – 7 July 2015 in Pangaea Sculpture Space in East London. Exhibition curated by Chun Man Kuen Angel, MA Courtauld Institute of Art.

This students’ group show connects ten artists from five countries, including:

Georgina Hodgson and Stephen Hennessy from Britain; Guo Kai, Wu Bo, Yang Chang and Zhou Yuan from China; Min Hae Kim and Sang Sub Jung from Korea; Mari Tayama from Japan and Bijan Daneshmand from Iran.

Chun Man Kuen Angel curates the show, employing the term “Unreadable” as a “sign” to explore what we understand as reality and boundary in artistic practices. The ten artists from diverse backgrounds and different age groups will response to this theme “Unreadable” by simultaneously creating their artwork on-site in the first three days of the exhibition. Being different from ordinary student group shows in which ready works are displayed, this experimental format will be a key feature of the exhibition.

The creation process will be filmed, to be played in the private view event on Saturday 4 July 2015, 4 – 8pm. Video recorded interviews with each artist will be shown adjacent to their individual finished works from 4 – 7 July 2015, functioning as part of the artwork, as well as further elaboration of artists’ interpretations and practices on the theme.

Watch the video on Vimeo: “Unreadable” [4:17] by Hung-Chun Wang

Taking the road less travelled, Unreadable incorporates elements of “timed” and “on-site”, thereby investigating their spontaneous inspiration on each others under the process of collective art making as well as a unique synergy effect in turn attained. During the seven days of the project, viewers are welcomed to visit ‘Unreadable’ anytime to witness this exciting process of creation and cultural collision.

More links and information about ‘Unreadable’

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