Peihang Huang paintings in ‘A Space for Art’ collaboration at Sake no hana, London

Peihang Huang. Image courtesy the artist.
Peihang Huang. Image courtesy the artist.

Peihang Huang is the latest artist to exhibit her work in conjunction with Sake no Hana’s Space for Art collaboration. Ends August 2015.

Throughout July and August, Huang’s exhibition will be on display in Sake no Hana’s reception and bar area.

From Saka no Hana’s website: “Huang’s work focuses on perception and distance, mostly through painting. Starting from a topic or object, like a human body, she explores the relationship between that object and its dual image, deconstructing its reality as she perceives it and rebuilding it blended with other elements borrowed from her environment.

These hidden elements seem familiar because they are constantly displayed in the media yet remain elusive and detached from her daily life. They hint at an uneasy mixture of concern, indifference and frustration towards reality, which contrasts with the eerily scenic world that Huang weaves them into.”

Huang says of her work,

“I explore the process of imagination in painting through the transfer of an image from a body to a landscape, and eventually create a world that parallels or acts as a metaphor to my reality and my culture.”

More links about Peihang Huang and Sake no hana’s ‘A Space for Art’

sake-no-hana_logo    16 John Islip Street London SW1P 4JU


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