‘Around the world in 30 days’ – festival of international artists including Chelsea MA FA Grigoris Myrgiotis, The Ballery, Berlin


From The Ballery: “From July 24th until July 31st we are happy to present a selection of works from artists from Greece, Spain, Netherlands, France, Malawi, Togo, Tunisia and Uruguay.

During the last week of our festival Around The World In 30 Days, there will be different events related to the exhibition. On Sunday, 26th July, The Ballery will host a very interesting concert by Juanjo Guillém (percussion): “Sounds of the Universe”.

We are also preparing some culinary events for that week, so stay tuned to the news on our Facebook Site: Arts Festival Around The World In Thirty Days.”

Curated by: Carlota Ibañez de Aldecoa
Guest curator: Suzy Royal

Participating artists (24 – 31 July 2015):


Stainer Chindebvu


Yonousse Tamekloe


Beatriz Crespo

Luis Alhama

Iván Prieto

Pilar Alonso


Taher Mhamdi

Ameni Fahket


David Benforado

Panagiotis Margaritis

Grigoris Myrgiotis (Chelseas College of Arts, MA Fine Art)


Remy Uno


Matthijs Holland

Dale Grant


Mirella Frangella



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