‘Ruins of Time’ exhibit reflects upon poetics and possibilities of historic architecture – Crypt Gallery, London

Chelsea MA Fine Art alumni join a group show featuring German and British artists.

Participating artists in “Ruins of Time” (25-30 November 2015) are:

Eleonora Bourmistrov, Sasha Bowles, Nicholas Cheeseman, Kelise Franclemont, Ruth Hentsch, Monika Kita, Anna Levy, Milena MichalskiDespina Olbrich-MarianouBrigitte C. ReichlRosa QuintJonathan Slaughter, and Carin E. Stoller.

Curated by Eleonora Bourmistrov (project and LME), Milena Michalski (London), and Rosa Quint (Munich)

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kelise soixante-douze

Eleonora Bourmistrov, 'An Entropic Painting', 2014, Acrylic, sand, volcanic ash, pigments, glass, spray on canvas. Image courtesy the artist.Eleonora Bourmistrov, ‘An Entropic Painting’, 2014, Acrylic, sand, volcanic ash, pigments, glass, spray on canvas. Image courtesy the artist.

In the first project by London Munich Exchange [LME], 13 British and German artists descend into The Crypt beneath St Pancras to stage “Ruins of Time”, an exhibition of contemporary art that explores “time and its specific expression in the architecture of the site”. From 25 through 30 November 2015.

“built through contradictory forces…erected by its very ruin”

Like many of the old churches in London, beneath St Pancras Parish Church lies a basement crypt, which might serve as chapel, place of internment, or the deep dark place in which to store stuff the church doesn’t need above ground. In 2002, this small network of caverns under St Pancras, still a burial site for 500-odd infinite sleepers, also became an unusual contemporary art space aptly named The Crypt Gallery.

Image courtesy London-Munich Exchange.Image courtesy London-Munich Exchange.

Ruins of Time

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