PLUCKED cabaret evening, as part of Bowie, friends and cabaret in Punctum Space

Roll up! Roll up!
to PLUCKED, cabaret evening at Punctum Gallery

18th Feb 2016, 5-9pm

*Headlined by James Browne*
Featuring Kimberly Kiss-a-bitch, Sam Fair Brother, Spike Zephaniah Stephenson, Caro Streck, Felix Mosse and Brian Dawn Chalkley!

plucked cabaret flyer.jpg

25th Feb:

Plucked at Punctum!
Blurring the boundaries between theatre, live music and the arts, with a Bowie backdrop!
With acts including Zz RoR and Cambridge Footlights!
Not to be missed!

Doors open at 6pm,
And as always .. Free drinks!

Punctum's photo.



(PLUCKED is part of Bowie, Friends and Cabaret)

Above: Brian Dawn Chalkley performs spoken word for PLUCKED

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