The Breath of Brahma: Marie Aimee’s participatory sculptural installation

The Breath of Brahma (2016), Marie Aimee

Morgue Space, Chelsea College of Arts, London. 7-11 March 2016
The Breath of Brahma presents a theatrical scene, in which the viewer is invited to step onto a soft mirror-topped pedestal. Physically occurring at the centre and suggested across images at both ends, his energy expands into a universal omnipresence. The physical distance becomes null as the centred presence radiates through the reflection of a 3D reality in an infinite, unified, 2D image.

“The eternal center and birth of life… are everywhere. Trace a circle no larger than a dot, the birth of eternal nature is therein contained.” Jakob Böhme

As the outer perspective grows to an inner stage, the seeming division between the layers of circles transmutes into a single manifest organism. The chaotic ‘toxic look-alike’ textures extend gradually from darkness to brightness revealing the wholeness within the viewer as a stable and balanced yet dynamic internal movement, raising the consciousness of one’s own Self. The perception of depth allows the viewer to be immersed in a spatial experience at the core of the ‘Unified Field’ (a term borrowed from David Lynch). The passive viewer transfigures to perform as part of the work. Transposed back into wholeness, the balance between one’s own Conscious and Unconscious can harmoniously arise.

“The duality of one is the unity of two.” Joey Lawsin


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