Susak X-position: Project Salon and Chelsea MA FA students participate in exciting travelling Anti-Art Biennial starting in Croatia!

Project Salon at Susak

Chelsea Salon in partnership with the UAL Postgraduate Community is contributing to the 10th Anniversary of the Susak Expo Biennale.  

The Susak Expo is a biennale on the Croatian island of Susak  dreamt up by UAL alumnus, Daniel Devlin of  Spiralbound Press, and Sluice Magazine, as a critique of international biennales and art fairs. The Susak Expo includes an international selection of artists.

Dates: 6-16 May 2016 (Project Salon 11-16 May)
House 600, Susak
PV: Saturday 14 May

Documentation of the expo will be displayed at Galerija Fritzy, the Museum of Mali Lošinj and also at ArtHelix in Brooklyn, New York. What a great opportunity for international exposure and developing relationships with international institutions for our Chelsea MAs! A special edition of Sluice Magazine will be published to further document the project. (more info to follow)


suzak poster

Susak Expo 2016

It featured a show of works by many of our students curated by Chelsea MA FA‘s own Natalie Anastasiou and Chel Logan.

Chelsea MA FA Artists @ Susak:
Adam J B Walker (2016)  –  Ana Pastor (2016)  –  Brian Dawn Chalkley (Course Leader)  –  Candice Yap (2016)  –  Caro Streck (2016)  –  Chel Logan (2017)  –  Danka Nisević (2016)  –  Demeter Dykes (2017)  –  Denise Ackerl (2015 & Chelsea PhD candidate)  –  Elena Perugi (2016)  –  Emilia Maryniak (2016)  –  Emmely Elgersma  (2017)  –  Karen Piddington (2017)  –  Isidora Amezaga-Crorkan (2016) – Kofo Williams (2016) – Liberty Antonio Sadler (2016) Natalie Anastasiou (2016)  –  Nazanin Mo (2016)  –  Olivia Strange (2016)  –  Peter Evans (2016) –  Sally Gordon (2017)  –   Sarah Hill (2016)  –  Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury (2016)  –  Chelsea Salon 


Blurb from Susak’s own website:

Susak expo is a contemporary art biennale that has taken place on the remote Croatian island of Susak since 2006. The original reason for organising the Susak expo was as a reaction to all the art fairs, biennales and museums of contemporary art sprouting up everywhere, and to highlight the absurdity of this proliferation by staging an international art biennale in the most unlikely of places where, apart from a few people seeing it by mistake and, of course, the participating artists, the chances are no-one will see it.
Since no-one sees the exhibition, the objects created for it (paintings, installations, photographs etc) lose importance, while what becomes central is the whole experience of artists sharing time and ideas. When the Expo is over, some of the objects and traces will still be there for a while, like strange artist droppings.
Artists will need to accept concept and possibility of failure, or even to embrace failure as a desirable outcome. The possibility of failure ensures the unpredictability of the expo. Susak expo is not just about isolation; it sits within a wider context and, whether politically or geographically, artists are encouraged to respond to the place and to reconsider their own practices.
2016 will be Susak expo’s 10th anniversary and as well as inviting artists individually, artists groups will be invited to take part and curate their own participations within the wider framework of the expo. Susak expo will take place between 6 and 16 May with artists discussing / exchanging ideas / making work / performing / doing nothing / screening videos, culminating in an opening at House 600 onThursday 12 May. There will be simultaneous events taking place in xxxx gallery in Rijeka and an exhibition of photographic documentation will take place in Palaca Fritzy (Museum of Mali Losinj) from 13 to 22 May (opening Friday 13 May). This exhibition will then travel to: ArtHelix in Brooklyn (USA); Muzej Macura (Serbia); studio1.1, London (UK); and Musee Des Civilisations, Dschang (Cameroon).

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