Our own Lady Liberty strikes again! Fat as a Feminist Issue, in the current issue of Polyester.


‘Tampon Tiara Princess’


Quoting directly from the Polyester Magazine interview with Emily Gosling, posted 4th July 2016:

“We’re at an interesting time for woman embracing their sexuality,” says artist Liberty [Antonia] Sadler. “But the capitalist structures in place mean that it’s a certain type of sexuality that is a commodity. There’s an aesthetic privilege and hierarchy of bodies that means that a normal sized woman in an advert is suddenly plus-sized. We’re in an era of fat shaming and also thin shaming – it’s the dichotomy of our times.”

This problematic inference that “one body is better than another” is at the heart of Liberty’s work, which uses film, performance and photographic documentation to show that food, fat and the female body are as much feminist issues as ever.

Even though she’s still in the midst of completing her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, Liberty already has a regular gig illustrating for the likes of Metro and Grazia magazine, and  is now one of the Selected 6 artists, a group of young creatives nominated by previous winners of the prestigious experimental film prize The Jarman Awards.

Read the fabulous article in full and view more images at http://www.polyesterzine.com/features/liberty-sadler-fat-is-a-feminist-issue





‘I Wear My Memories: A Binge Eating Confession’ (still)



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