Plant My Basil Eat My Pesto – Emilia Maryniak in Punctum Space

Installation – 3:38 min video performance with sound, basil plants, geometrical construction

This work contains reflections about the mystery of a physical body – its senses, sensations and its inner existence, which often seems to be alien. It brings the impression of knowing, when in the same time it is impossible to recognize it. It introduce ambiguities over body through which we understand it is us, but we cannot identify us even more.

It also carries a suggestion that the surface of the body can be as much extraordinary,unfamiliar, strange, and fragmented as the inside processes of a biological organism.


1.Emilia_Maryniak_PlantMyBasil...2.Emilia_Maryniak_PlantMyBasilat_installation detail3.Emilia_Maryniak_PlantMyBasil_installation view detail4.Emilia_Maryniak_PlantMyBasil..installation view5.Emilia_Maryniak_PlantMyBasil..._video still6.Emilia_Maryniak

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