‘The Room is the Resonator’ Paul Abbott, Alex Roberts look at memory, perception and complicity of viewers – Old Police Station, Deptford, London

Two ex-Chelsea MAFAs (2015) Alex Roberts and Paul Abbot at THE OLD POLICE STATION for Art Licks Weekend and Deptford X 2016 in THE ROOM IS THE RESONATOR – review and photos by Kelise Franclemont (Chelsea MAFA 2015)

kelise soixante-douze

British artists Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts present their duo exhibition, “The Room is the Resonator” at The Old Police Station in Deptford (London) as part of Art Licks Weekend / Deptford X Platform 16 Festival. In “Room”, the artists explore themes such as memory and perception in the “theatrical space of installation, its performativity” and ponder implications in this conversation between art and spectator. From 23 September, ends 2 October 2016.

Deptford X Platform 2016 – ambitious new work in unusual art spaces

Now in its 4th year, the Deptford X Platform 2016 by ArtLicks is a festival in east London covering nearly 70 venues in a project to foster and enable artists to

produce ambitious new work for a wide range of contexts and audiences.

Along with art exhibitions and other creative project spaces, the festival offers a rich programme of tours, community learning events, and participation by three area eateries. This year adds a…

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